Helen, Derby

I started to have acupuncture after reading that it could help alleviate the symptoms of PCOS. My periods were really irregular and I was struggling to conceive.
Louise was so caring and I always felt really relaxed during the acupuncture sessions.  She also helped me to make some changes to my lifestyle in order to increase my chances of becoming pregnant.
I was thrilled when I became pregnant naturally and I really believe that the acupuncture helped to regulate my periods.
I also had acupuncture a few days before giving birth and this helped me to relax and I feel that it contributed towards a calm delivery.
I now have three amazing children, which I never thought would be possible. Doctors had told me that my chances of conceiving naturally were very slim. Thanks to the acupuncture and Louise’s positivity and guidance, my family is complete.
I can’t recommend her enough.