Whilst it may seem difficult to believe, acupuncture and relaxation go hand in hand. In fact many patients who come for acupuncture will say that they felt a profound sense of deep relaxation and well-being during and after their treatment. Even if stress is not the reason for seeking treatment, this feeling of relaxation, improved sleep and sense of well-being is often a positive and welcome side effect of the treatment.

Stress is common is today’s society, work-related stress alone affects up to half a million people in the UK each year (Health and Safety Executive 2011). Major life changes can also cause stress and anxiety. If left unchecked these symptoms can become worse, leading to anxiety and depression.

Stress can present itself in different ways, both physically (for example headaches, tiredness, sore muscles or poor sleep), or mentally (emotional changes, depression, anxiety, mood swings, withdrawal) (NHS Choices 2011).

Common therapeutic tools are CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), anti-depressant medication, exercise, talking therapies such as counselling or relaxation techniques (NHS Choices 2011).
If you believe you are suffering with stress, depression or anxiety then please visit your GP. If you are feeling overwhelmed, suicidal or just need to talk to someone then telephone the Samaritans on 116 123.

To find out whether acupuncture could help you to deal with stress and help you relax then why not book a free consultation with Louise either online (using the book now button) or by phoning 07789 076410.


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