Mind over Matter – Boosting your Fertility with Positive Visualisation


Mind over Matter – Boosting your Fertility with Positive Visualisation


Over the last few months I have been talking to several of my fertility patients about the idea of being pregnant and whether or not they can actually see themselves being pregnant or with a baby. Over the last week, this idea came up during consultations with two different ladies when we were talking about what they thought when they saw a pregnant woman and I asked them how it made them feel. Both ladies said that they thought that the other women had something that they wanted, but that they couldn’t imagine themselves being pregnant. I taught them both some visualisation techniques where they were holding a positive pregnancy test in their hand and ‘playing’ with the idea or daydreaming about being pregnant. Their responses surprised me as they both said the thought had never even crossed their mind before!

A few days later I saw an old client who had returned for help conceiving her second child. I was chatting to her about this idea and she said she remembered me talking about these techniques during her previous round of treatment with me and during her previous IVF (in vitro fertilisation) cycle, which had resulted in the birth of her lovely toddler. She said she thought that using the visualisation techniques had really helped her a lot, and that she would definitely use them again. I was humbled and delighted that she had thought so highly of the techniques I use.

It made me think about the importance of the mind, and its effects on our physical, mental and emotional health. I use positive visualisations a lot with my fertility patients, those undergoing IVF are asked to imagine their belly filled with plump red cushions and lots of blood flowing to the uterus. Pre-IVF my patients are guided to imagine opening up to receive the embryo, and then post-IVF closing and enveloping the embryo to keep it safe.

The jury’s out on whether these techniques help or not from an evidence-based point of view, but the reports I’ve had from my patients have been good. If it helps my patients to feel more in control and more positive about the future then that’s all good in my book!

With positive vibes,

Louise x

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