Cancer Support

Cancer Support

People who use acupuncture often say that it helps them feel relaxed and improves their overall feeling of wellbeing. One of the main reasons people with cancer use acupuncture is to help relieve sickness (nausea) caused by chemotherapy. Some people like to use it because it helps them to sleep better and feel generally more healthy. It can reduce anxiety which can also help to reduce pain. Some people use it to reduce hot flushes caused by cancer or its treatment.

Acupuncture is widely used in hospitals, hospices and clinics to relieve pain. Louise has worked as an acupuncturist at Oncology Dept (Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust), Sutton Cancer Support Centre and volunteered at St. Giles Hospice near Lichfield. Louise has undertaken further training in using Acupuncture for Cancer Support and continues to learn to build on her experience.


Research and Acupuncture

Many scientific studies have looked at the use of acupuncture in supporting patients with cancer. There is no evidence to suggest that acupuncture helps in any way with treating, preventing or curing cancer. But it can help to ease some of the symptoms of cancer and side effects of treatment.

The main areas of research are

  • Sickness and Nausea
  • Cancer Pain
  • Breathlessness
  • Hot flushes
  • Cancer related Tiredness
  • Dry mouth


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